This is the process associated with an electric service upgrade or electric service replacement as performed by Main Street Electric Company.

After OUR work is completed and inspected by the authority having jurisdiction (County or City Inspections Agency) we inform Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) as to the status of the work (completed). Once done, it takes a minimum of five [5] business days for the certificate of inspection from the City or County to be processed by BGE.

We call BGE after 5 days to confirm that they have received the certificate of inspection from the City or County and to schedule the final termination by them. The reconnection date is typically 3 to 7 weeks later. We will co-ordinate this with you, our customer. Someone MUST be present at your home or business in order for BGE to perform this reconnection. BGE connections are made between 8 AM and 5 PM. They do not schedule for a specific time.

All appointments with BGE are subject to change, at their discretion. For example, should severe weather cause power outages in the area, BGE may redirect crews to make these repairs in lieu of scheduled work. BGE will make an effort to inform us if this happens, but they do not guarantee this.

This work may include installing a new meter and meter enclosure (provided by BGE) and the old service cable will be de-energized and abandoned.

As a customer service, we will contact you to return and remove the old service cable (as BGE does not remove it), re-seal any holes and general clean up of the area around the meter, after BGE completes its work.

It is sometimes necessary for us to work with BGE to accomplish the final terminations. In that case, we will be meet BGE at your home or business at 8 AM on the scheduled day. Someone must be at the job in order for BGE and us to complete the work. We will not need to return after this, as the project will be totally completed.

BGE “work withs” are not considered part of “our work”. Our work is completed when the new service equipment has been installed and the service is temporarily tapped. Unless prior arrangements have been made, we expect full payment for our services at that time.

For jobs that do not require us to work with BGE, we have added a refundable temporary tap connection fee to your job. Since we cannot make the final terminations to BGE’s equipment, we must use temporary means of powering your new service equipment until the permanent connections are made as described above. We use insulated “taps” to perform this task. We ask that you secure these “taps” from BGE when they do your final terminations. Once these taps are returned to us, we will issue a refund check for the price of these taps.

If you have any questions, contact us during regular business hours at (410) 833-4233 or email Main Street Electric using the contact form below.

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