New Locations:

All ceiling fans that are put in new locations (where there is no existing ceiling fan or light) require that we work in the attic.

All attic work will be subject to an Attic Surcharge of $75 from June 1st – September 30th due to intense heat.

New ceiling fan installations without attic access can not be priced beforehand and will have to be done on a Time and Materials basis.

If there are any unforeseen circumstances such as “Wall Blocking” the job will have to be done on a Time and Materials basis.

NOTE: The customer to supply all fan and/or ceiling units for Main Street Electric Company to install.

Number of FansNumber of SwitchesPrice Per Fan

*These prices assume that only 1 arc fault breaker is needed. If additional arc fault breakers are required because the ceiling fan locations are on different circuits, there will be an additional charge of $195 for each additional breaker needed.

Please Note:

  • If the ceiling fans don’t include light kits, these prices do not apply.
  • For cathedral ceilings add $95 per unit.
  • All ceilings greater than 10′ and/or sloped are considered cathedral ceilings.
  • For aftermarket remote controls add $75 per unit. (An after market remote is any remote that is not already installed by the manufacturer.)

Installation of Ceiling Fans in Existing Locations:

  • Normal ceiling w/ existing fan box: $250
  • Normal ceiling w/ existing light (no fan box) $425
  • Cathedral ceiling w/ existing fan box: $395
  • Cathedral ceiling w/ existing light (no fan box) $595

Attic Fan Installation*:

All our attic fans come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty!

  • New installation of attic roof mounted fan: $795 (Spring/Fall/Winter); $995 (Summer).
  • New installation of attic gable fan: $695 (Spring/Fall/Winter); $825 (Summer).
  • Replacement of attic roof mounted fan: $725 (Spring/Fall/Winter); $895 (Summer).
  • Replacement of existing gable attic fans: $595 (Spring/Fall/Winter); $725 (Summer).

*Attic fan prices based on standard shingled roof.


  • No slate, metal, ceramic, solar-paneled, or solar shingle roofs.
  • Roof must have proper cross ventilation to install an attic fan.

All attic fans installation pricing is subject to change due to the uncertainties regarding global supply chain constraints and how this is impacting manufacturer and/or supplier costs.